Our Purpose

The Scoliosis Project of Indiana was founded by two Orthopaedic Spine Surgeons, Dr. Paul Kraemer and Dr. Michael McCarthy of Indiana Spine Group, in early 2022.  Our purpose is to improve the spinal health of children and adults in underdeveloped countries, by providing surgery and procedures locally and on location.

Current Projects

November 5, 2022, Bravio, a 14 y.o. male from Chisec, Department of Cobán, Guatemala, will be arriving in Indiana, along with his father, to embark on a chance of a lifetime.

When Bravio was 7 years old, he had surgery on two fingers, Syndactyly, of one hand and the doctor who performed this surgery told his parents he had another issue, which was in his spine and he would examine him later. As time went by, Bravio’s parents saw that his spine was getting worse and they asked the National Hospital of Guatemala to refer him to a specialty clinic. They were referred to the National Orthopedics and Rehabilitation Hospital in 2018, wherein he saw Dr. Rosales.  He was diagnosed with Compensated Dorsolumbar Scoliosis.  Bravio has an eighty-five degree curve and has had this medical condition since birth. 

On November 7, 2022, at Indiana Spine Hospital, Drs. Kraemer and McCarthy will be performing surgery on Bravio, to help straighten his spine to improve his quality of life.  A surgery like this would be hard to perform in Guatemala due to the lack of technology and equipment.

Upcoming Projects